C. & C. S.r.l. – Ecology Consultation Services

Treatment and recycling of post consumer plastic car bumpers tanks PP HD–PE

Broker and Trader

Analysis and Consulting

C. & C. provides specialized analysis and consultancy with a complete service following the current legislation.

  • Sampling and analysis to define and classify the waste
  • Definition of the physical/chemical properties to make a quotation and to define the suitable treatment line.

Brokerage and Trading

We are athorized as broker in the business of waste trading for retail and wholesale, for any kind of waste. We are registered at the National Register of Environment Operators, Lombardia section, category n. 8, class F.

C. & C. offers a professional service in waste management and recycling, for special industrial waste, hazardous and non hazardous. We manage the full process:

  • Sampling and analysis to define and classify the waste
  • Commercial offer
  • Transportation
  • Recycling or disposal

The whole procedure is managed in accordance with the actual environmental legislation and with selected and estabilished partners with years of experience in the business.

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